From her hit songs with Molella and other international djs, alle to the prestigious pop-rock collaborations with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, David Arch (Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams), Steafan Hannigan (Bjork, Depeche Mode), Stephan Zeh (Lionel Richie, Phil Collins) Florian Opahle (Jethro Tull, Greg Lake) and many others.

After winning some of the most important music festivals in Italy, such as “Mia Martini Award” and “Musicultura Award”, the major prize for the Italian songwriters, in 2004 Alessia D’Andrea met with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull with whom she recorded “Locomotive Breath”.

From that moment Alessia started reaching the international markets, in fact her single “Time To Pray” (remixed by Molella, Future Funk and other DJs) was released throughout the world in Countries such as the UK, Romania, Australia, Spain, Poland, Norway, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Czech Republic, Israel, etc. Later same year she signed a contract with the Ministry of Sound (UK).

In summer 2006 Alessia begins to perform outside Italy, singing live also for national Radios and TVS, as well as in front of more than 100.000 adoring fans.


On July 2008 she was on stage again with the Jethro Tull, this time at the “Pistoia Blues Festival”, for their 40th anniversary. She was the only guest of the tour.


On March 2009 her first album “Alessia D’Andrea” (Renilin), with which she supports the charity campaign “Rewrite the Future” of Save the Children, is out in Italy and distributed also in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan. Besides, Alessia has been invited in the most important TV and radio shows of some Countries of the East Europe.

In the first half of 2010 her video clip “8 o’ clock” is played on different music channels, among them RAI Music, and it was picked by a TV show in China; some months later the music video “Tonight”, in the duet version with Lubo Kirov, was selected by MTV Europe for the World Chart Express.

In the second half of 2010 she released a new single with the well-known Italian DJ Molella, “Paradise” (Time Rec) that became the theme song for the most popular Italian radio show and one of the biggest hits of the summer in Italy.

On October 2010 Alessia was the special guest at Fabrizio De Andrè tribute concert at the Opera Theatre in Sofia, in front of the major National Authorities of the Country.


On 2011 she released “Live in Studio” (Renilin) a DVD of her acoustic-electric show.


On 2012 Alessia D’Andrea released “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” in 3 versions (ballad, dubstep, progressive) showing once again her music versatility. And thanks to this single she came to the attention of the Music House from London that decided to promote her song in all the clubs of the whole UK.

Also in the USA some journalists start writing reviews on her music, letting this artist been noticed by some American professionals with whom she signs deals for the distribution of her new English single for the American market.


On the 28th of February 2014 she released – through the Renilin Music label and with the publishing of Warner Music Chappell Finland & Spiridom – I Close My Eyes, a single with Jussi Mikkola, Finnish singer and actor, for the Scandinavian market.

On the 27th of March 2014 her Italian album – Luna d’inverno – is out.


On 2015 she’s been nominated as Italian Ambassador for Artists United Against Bullying.

On the 27th of november 2015, her single for the American market is out – Merry Christmas – which features 2 Grammy Award winners (Josh Sklair, Jared Lee Gosselin).


During 2016 she’s been very busy performing and organizing different concerts for the no-profit association Artists United Against Bullying for which now she is the President.


In 2017 she signed a publishing deal for USA and Canada with Epic Music LA in Los Angeles and she finished the recordings of her new album – Soldier On – (produced among Italy, Germany, Sweden and USA) that will be released on the 28th of February 2018.

What the media says about her:


LA STAMPA:  this is rock! No other definitions. You can only hear quality in her albums.

WIKITESTI: Luna d’inverno easily flows through a sweet musicality and a beautiful voice.
IL GARANTISTA: A warm voice, a wide vocal range, important lyrics, a captivating musicality but above all she’s got determination and energy.


BEAT MAGAZINE: Her music will be well appreciated on a broader level

DNA MUSIC: After a dark music period in Italy, finally a light…

: all the songs are strong but not aggressive and her voice gives them something that brings the whole album above the average.

HARDSOUNDS: a warm and emotional voice, perfectly studded in an album that proves to have all the elements to compete with the big names of both Italian and international music scene.

ROCKAMBULA: We are surely talking about a real talented artist who is starting to do the rounds on the international music scene.

FASCINOROCK: Alessia D’Andrea’s Italian album is a little jewel for those who love the female american singer-songwriters but look for an artist like that in Italy, with a warm and deep voice and many emotions to tell through music.


AUDIOFOLLIA: A very beautiful album that is above the average to many other records, for the originality and creativity it has in its melodic Italian nature.


CLAP BANDS MAGAZINE: Very impressive Italian debut for an expert such as D’Andrea, in a Country that pays too much attention to the talent shows rather than the real talents. If, even casually, you will get in contact with Alessia’s music world you will find yourself applauding for long.


CAUSA ED EFFETTO: Alessia D’Andrea’s album is fascinating, simple but rich, and even when the lyrics seem more cryptic, it always attracts with an elegant good music. You must listen to it.


LA PAUSA MAGAZINE: It is a mature album but not hard to listen to, and this thanks not only to the sounds but also to the beautiful simple lyrics picked with care.


JAMSPHERE: “… she not only sounds stronger, she sounds convincing. In other words, she comes across as: smooth, powerful, sexy, catchy, and best of all, surprising and unpredictable…”

EPIC MUSIC LA: “… Alessia is a loving, talented, strong woman that is a great role model for women fighting for success in this world full of many obstacles…”

SOUNDLOOKS: “… this woman is seriously talented and an artist that I firmly believe, will evolve and grow even more as she matures and expands her horizons”